Friday, July 28, 2006

The dream team

In my last post, I mentioned how I wished the cute guy from House was my doctor. That got me to thinking: Which fictional doctor(s) would you like overseeing your care? I've put together my own medical team. I invite you to do the same.

First pick, of course, is Dr. Carter from ER. I'm talking about the mid-'90s Carter -- the cute, preppy, good-hair Carter, not the "I got stabbed, and now I'm on drugs and Dr. Benton had to take me to the rehab clinic, and now I'm all fat and scruffy and going to Africa every five seconds" Carter.

Then we have J.D. from Scrubs. Zach Braff and I have the same birthday. Same year, too.

And you can't forget Dr. Baker from Little House on the Prairie. He'd drive his wagon right out to your farm, and you could pay him in chickens. If something really horrible happened, like, say, you suddenly went blind, he could refer you to a specialist in Mankato.

And, finally, Hawkeye.

Who is on your dream team? Dr. McCoy? Dr. Huxtable? Doogie? Let me know.


tk said...

Great shows. How can you not love Dr. Carter? But on my dream team, I'd first like a couple of good nurses to run the show. Doctors on TV do both medicine and nursing and while it's enterrtaining, it's not reality.

Another perspective:

John Wagner said...

Marcus Welby, MD and nurse Julia. LONG before you were born, I think. Dr. Welby, although a family doctor, treated anything, including leukemia on at least one episode and breast cancer. He was the older, unorthodox one who's top priority was always his patient. Dr. Kiley was his young, by-the-book assistant. Julia had her own show, but I think she would have worked well with Dr. Welby. Oh, and if I should ever get pregnant, I would go to Dr. Huxtable.