Friday, June 30, 2006

Sesame Street is one funny show

I'll explain the photo in a minute. Keep reading.

Today I realized I have a bunch of little topics that don't really go together:

1. The other day I was in a department store and the jazzy muzak sounded vaguely familiar. It dawned on me that it was "Fall on Me" by REM. This was a cool song from Back in My Day. It was so cool, in fact, that had it played on a "regular" radio station and been declared cool by the mainstream, it would have instantly become uncool. It was that kind of cool. I had visions of all of the alternative kids from high school -- you know, all of those kids who wore flannel and combat boots even when it was 90 degrees -- hearing this version and flinging themselves off of a bridge. Then again, they're probably now all accountants who drive SUVs, so they probably wouldn't get upset.

2. There's a 60-ish woman in my exercise class who always wears tight-fitting shorts with the words "HOT BUNS" emblazoned across the backside. I just really wanted to share that with everyone.

3. Yesterday I laughed out loud at Sesame Street. Cookie Monster's mom made a guest appearance. She looked just like Cookie Monster, only she had a curly blue perm and dangly earrings. (See the photo above) For some reason, I thought this was a riot. After she and Cookie devoured their cookies, she said, "You have a really good job here, son." HAHAHAHA! WCB, of course, paid no attention. I think I need to get out more.

4. We leave for Mayo on Tuesday. You'd better not be messing around in there, Marcia! There's no way I'm letting you move into my groovy pad in the attic, missy.

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