Thursday, June 01, 2006

I've been kicked out!

This is a good thing.

Last December, an overreacting doctor wanted to get me started on a bone-marrow transplant. Actually, he wanted me to have something called an autologus stem-cell transplant: They'd remove my own stem cells, give me high-dose chemo, and then put the cells back in. That's really, really simplifying the process, but you get the basic idea.

The doctor's office called my insurance company and told them I needed this transplant. The insurance company then assigned me to a transplant "case manager", who would call me all the time to see how I was doing.

In the meantime, I went to the Mayo Clinic, where the doctor determined that I don't have active disease and I don't need any kind of treatment right now, let alone a transplant. Whew. I never went back to Dr. Overreacting's office.

But the case manager kept calling every few weeks to check on the state of my bone marrow. I kept telling her that I had nothing new to tell her. Now, I'm sure that if I HAD been going through the transplant process, I would have found the case manager to be pretty helpful. I wasn't, though, so I found all of the calls a little annoying.

Yesterday I got a letter from the case management program saying, "Your progress indicates that you no longer require case management services." Woo hoo! I'm outta the program! No more phone calls. As Homer Simpson would say, "So long, suckers!"

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