Thursday, June 15, 2006 is spying on me!

WCB is usually pretty good at going down for naps or going to bed. Today, though, she's having a lot of trouble going down for her morning nap. So while I was sitting here at the computer, miserably listening to her wail over the baby monitor, an e-mail message popped up from Amazon. com:

" recommends: The No-Cry Sleep Solution"

Insert Twilight Zone theme song here.


Brooke said...

Aidan wouldn't nap this morning either! I actually had to resort to a car ride at 2:30...I'm sitting in a shady spot of the library parking lot stealing someone's wireless with a sleeping baby in the backseat as we speak...

Karen's sister said...

Hm, that might be the same book T.J. found at the library when Liz was refusing to take naps. I can't remember the exact title, but it wasn't very good. The guy, supposedly an expert on infant sleep, wrote that he had never heard of a baby that could cry for more than an hour... they would doze off before then. Shameless.
Oh, and his stats are based on a study he did of wealthy Chicago suburbanites, which he then substantiated with a study done in France in 1903. At the very least, the book inspired us to come up with our own solution.