Monday, May 29, 2006

You could make "jazzy". Or "fuzzy." Or "dizzy."

We're building a deck on the back of our house. Actually, my dad and Jay are building the deck. My mom, WCB, and I are sitting in the air conditioning watching them through the window. Life's tough. The other day, they rented a machine to dig a bunch of giant holes all over the yard. I hope they didn't disturb an ancient Indian burial ground or anything. I've seen Poltergiest. I know how it works. If corpses start popping up and haunting us, I'll let you all know.

My mom and I have been playing Super Scrabble when WCB is sleeping. Scrabble fans, have you heard of this? It's played just like regular Scrabble, only it has twice the letters. That's right, you could make a word with two Z's in it. That's not all. It also has a bigger board with "Quadruple Word Score" spaces. Last night I made "squire" for 81 points. I'm such a Scrabble nerd, even though my mom and I totally cheat with the dictionary when we play.

Speaking of Scrabble, if you go to the official web site, there's an online dictionary and a "Word Builder" tool that can help you cheat -- like, really bad, horrible cheating. It's great.


DavidE said...

So not can we not only play Scrabble with the dictionary but a laptop nearby!? The world is a better place today!! Are Jay and dad for hire? We were thinking of adding a deck ourselves, problem is I can fix things (sometimes) but building is NOT my forte'!!

Idol comments: what was with the Clay fan? He was just creepy! Burt, Dionne and Prince? Might was well have flown in Andy Williams from Branson for the big night!

Lizard Eater said...

I'm going to have to get that version for my sister, the Scrabble queen. I suck at Scrabble, because I can't play to win. I want to make pretty, long words, like "erudite" that wind up netting me 5 points. Meanwhile, my sister somehow makes "who" count for 75 points.

Now, Boggle, on the other hand ...