Saturday, May 06, 2006

Save the date: June 2030

In my past post, I mentioned WCB's wedding day. Now, before any of you boy babies or even older-man toddlers start lining up at our front door, you should know that WCB has been engaged to a two-year-old named Tom since the day she was born. Tom lives in Minneapolis, and he's a good man. He can tell you what Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, and Darth Vader say. (Answers: "D'oh!" "Exxxxxxcellent!" and (Deep-Breathing Noise))

Tom's Mama (the aforementioned DeAnna of the Happy Chick Show) and I have it all worked out. The ceremony will be at The Chapel O' Love at The Mall of America. The rehearsal dinner will be at the food court. That's the slightly upscale food court that overlooks Lego Land, not the depressing food court across from the old Cereal Adventure. We're not trashy.

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