Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Johnny Cash is not for eating!

WCB is crawling, ladies and gentlemen.


Remember a couple of months ago when I was so worried that she would never crawl? When the doctor told me to get her evaluated for a developmental delay? When I pictured her lifelong lack of crawling skills preventing her from getting into Harvard? When I worked with her day in and day out trying to get her to move forward -- just a tiny bit?

Was I insane?

She's been crawling for less than 24 hours, and already all of the rules of our lives have changed. I can no longer expect her to sit in one spot while I make myself a sandwich or brush my teeth. She will now ignore hundreds of dollars worth of toys and books and go straight for the one thing in the room that's not good for her. Electrical cords. Outlets. The cat's water dish. In the time it took me to put some pajamas away in her drawer, she made her way to the CD player, pushed the button to open it, pulled out the CD, and began to eat it. Her new hobby is getting into the basket of clean laundry and flinging it out onto the floor. I have to confess that I encourage her to do this, because it keeps her occupied for several minutes at a time.

What's it going to be like when she's (shudder) walking? I won't think about it now. I won't.

A new chapter begins ...


Jennifer B. said...

Congratulations! A whole new world awaits!

DavidE said...

You life in "living hell" has begun.....it only gets better!
Walking leads to running
leads to talking back
leading to be opinated
leading to self reliance
leads to needing you more than ever!

Karen's Sister said...

When Liz started to roll, I turned to T.J. and said, "You know, they say your life changes the day your baby is born. But really, it changes the day they become mobile."

Oh dear, what will it be like when the two cousins get together?

Lizard Eater said...

Tee-hee. All that time teaching them to walk and talk, then the next 18 years telling 'em to sit down and shut up.

Glad WCB is crawling. Need to get her with LW and give her lessons. ("Babies Gone Wild!!!")

Karen's mom said...

Sounds like WCB is a chip off the old WCB1975 model. That's a good thing!

WCB's Grandma