Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back away from my rainbow, lady!

Katharine sang "Over the Rainbow" last night on American Idol.

NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!!

One of my bizarre-but-true pet peeves is that I cannot stand anyone singing "Over the Rainbow" besides Judy Garland. I don't care what Simon Cowell says, nobody else can sing it the right way. Nobody can top Judy. Even toward the end of her life, when she looked like an 80-pound, drunk jaundiced raisin in a giant feather boa, she could still sing a mean "Rainbow."

Someday I'm going to win the Powerball and buy the rights to "Over the Rainbow" and then ban everyone from singing it. Maybe I'll allow Liza Minnelli to do it if there is some kind of an "Over the Rainbow" emergency, but that's it.

I guess I'm forced to root for Taylor now. Soul patrol.

Anyone else have a bizarre pet peeve, or is it just me? I do have several more, mostly involving grammar, but if I start listing them I'll probably get too riled up.


DavidE said...

SOUL PATROL!!! I can't believe I want him to win now....kind of the worst of those left standing!
Elliot was better than Kat, but he doesn't have the charisma - she was in MAJOR sex kitten mode the other night (pointed out by my wife)... Taylor is starting to get to me, I almost like him......I need a drink to accept that.....SOUL PATROL!

Diane said...

Karen, I just had to chime in on pet peeves. As a person who has actually ended a relationship over poor spelling, I think it is perfectly acceptable to have impossibly high standards for others' grammar as well.