Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tattoo your baby

One of the organizers of a moms' group that I'm in sent out the following e-mail this morning. It was in the same format as the usual event announcements that we regularly get:

Announcing a new event for The Northland Kansas City Stay At Home Moms Meetup Group!

What: Illustrated Man Tattoo Studio

When: Saturday, April 1, 11:00 PM

Event fee: $41.60 per person

Event Description: OK all you wild childs and hot mamas, here's your chance to make a memory that will last! We are receiving a group discount for a tattoo of your choice, up to 3", with up to four colors. Do you have a favorite cartoon character? How about a favorite bug or flower? Are you worried about losing your baby at the mall? Here's your chance to permanently place identifying information on your baby. This is a fantastic deal at $41.06 per tattoo adult, and $20.06 per child under age 3. Please register your child when you sign up, and let us know the design you plan on using so there won't be any duplicates!

Contact info: Ima Kiddinga or April Phools 555-PHUN

Now if World's Cutest Baby could get a tattoo, what would it be? A yellow rubber duckie? A heart that says "Mom"? Any suggestions?

I'm adding on to this post, because I've gotten some irate e-mails from people who didn't read down to the part that revealed this was, um, an April Fools' Day joke. So if you're about to fire off an irate e-mail wondering how a baby would get a tattoo, re-read it until the end. OK. Much better now. Heh.


DavidE said...

World's Cutest Baby's Tatoo would of course be: "WCB" with a lightening bolt....think Elvis' "TBC"

Michele said...

Actually - I thought it was serious and I WOULD DO IT. My 6 year old son was born with 2 identifying marks on his body already, however my daughter was not. I have contemplated putting a square on her foot or a tiny heart - something VERY VERY small, yet identifying just in case something ever happened. I was researching to see if companies actually did this when I came across your post.