Sunday, April 16, 2006

On a jellybean high

I just love jellybeans. I'm a freak of nature, because the black ones are my favorites. Unfortunately, you only tend to get about four or five black ones in an entire bag. On the plus side, everyone else thinks they're disgusting, so I get to eat all of them. My sister once found a bag of all black jellybeans at a Russell Stover outlet store. It was the best gift ever.

Anyway, I've been eating jellybeans -- of all colors -- for about three days straight now. I think I'm a hummingbird again.

World's Cutest Baby had such a nice Easter. Jay's mom and sisters were here, and we took WCB to the Kansas City Easter Parade, all dressed up in her Easter dress and hat. The outing was a big hit, but the grown man in the Easter Bunny suit was a little disturbing for her. She also started saying "duck" and "quack, quack, quack!" yesterday! I have witnesses to back me up, so I know it's not just a jellybean-induced hallucination.

We had big storms and tornado warnings last night. Jay and his family went to the Easter vigil at church while I stayed home to put WCB to bed. Everyone at church had to evacuate to the basement right before communion. I was on the verge of plucking WCB out of her crib and running down there myself when the sirens stopped and the weather guy said everything was headed off to the east. Of all of the things I should have been concerned with (Will the hail stones smash through the roof? Will we end up in Oz?), I kept thinking of how messy our basement is and how we really need to clean up the Christmas-decoration-storage area and get a couch or something down there. Big worries.

Will the doctor call tomorrow and say my blood is still hanging loose? We'll see. Right now, it's time for more jellybeans.

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DavidE said...

Karen - glad you liked my jive!
- eat another handful of black jelly beans and don't sweat the results.