Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's all right, dawg

The rest of my test results are here, and the nurse was right: Everything is fine. If you didn't see the protein results, you'd think I was one of the healthiest people on earth. Of course, that doesn't stop me from going over each and every number again and again and having minor heart attacks every time I see that something is up or down a tenth of a point since January.

I know I shouldn't sweat a tenth of a point. It's not like this is Olympic figure skating.

I probably should have just listened to the nurse when she said I was "fine" rather than obsessing over these numbers. It would probably be better for me to get my results in a more general, non-committal, non-numbers format. Maybe the doctor could have Randy Jackson call me: "Yo, dawg. You have a few pitch problems with your protein, but other than that, it was all right for me, dude."


Now the testing is officially over, and I should just try to have a normal few months before we head back to Mayo in July. I have a first birthday party to plan, which should prove to be the social event of the season, as long as the guest of honor doesn't cry or fall asleep.


DavidE said...

You must let WCB bury her face is a piece of cake! It's perhaps one of the most cherished photo's I have of my 9yr old....besides the naked tub photo's which I can't wait to use to embarass him to death when he get's older!

John Wagner said...

Difficult not to obsess over numbers! I was told to forget the numbers and go with how I feel. Hmm, I feel like obsessing over numbers, how about that? Anyway, so VERY glad it looks so very, very good. Have a great Birthday party for WCB. Memories that will last forever!

Oh, and the bathtub pictures do work great on them when they grow up to be teens. Did it to my daughters. Snicker...snicker..parents can be cruel. Just payback time is all. They will probably pay me back again when I go back to diapers.

tk said...

Glad all is well with your tests