Friday, April 28, 2006

Dare to be stupid

It's been raining all day, and when I went out to get the mail, the air had that dead-worm smell. I suddenly remembered a song parody that used to play on a radio station in Omaha in the mid-'80s, around the time that "We are the World" was really popular:

We are the worms
Out on the pavement
When we hear a squish we turn around to see where Cousin Dave went

I love stupid song parodies. I went to see Weird Al live in concert, maybe 10 years ago. It was awesome. It was me, my friend DeAnna, and a whole bunch of 12-year-old boys and their moms.

DeAnna and I used to have a radio show in college called "The Happy Chick Show." We would only play songs that were happy and/or performed by chicks. Our playlist was 99 percent Weird Al, Broadway show tunes, and The Indigo Girls. We had approximately two listeners. We kept it up, for, oh, maybe three semesters. It was great.

Where is this blog entry going? I have no idea. At least it is not about stupid cancer test results! Refreshing!


Lizard Eater said...

Hey, you need to go set up an internet radio show and start up that program again. I would be listening all the time. And if you like Al Yankovic, find Bobby Bare singing Shel Silverstein songs. Hoot.

tk said...

Or you could do a Happy Chick podcast!

spechtster said...

Along the lines of stupid song parodies... I read an article about a guy who thought the Rolling Stones' "Beast of Burden" lyrics were actually "Never... Leave... Your Pizza Burnin'"!

I laughed my ass off. I know, what a weird sense of humor!

Love and laughter to you all.