Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back in black

My friend Lisa gave me a bag of all black jellybeans today. Mmmm ... all black jellybeans.

I got my test results in the mail. Sort of. The nurse only sent the results of my protein test. I had a minor afternoon freakout while I started worrying that Dr. GPO didn't even order all of the tests he was supposed to. (Didn't he check my iron level? My calcium level? My white blood cells? My kidney function?) Left another message at the Cancer Center. Heard back right away: Yes, he did order all of those tests. Did I want those results, too? Um. Yeah. So the other results are on their way.

My protein test shows that my M-spike (that's the measurement of the "bad" protein in my blood) is up to 3.8. In January, it was 3.7. In December it was 3.6. That's not a huge leap, it's obviously not enough to get Dr. GPO all riled up, and it could be a result of using different labs and whatnot, but now I worry that Godcella is sloooooowly crawling out of the ocean. Back, Godcella! Back! Bad lizard!

But everything will be all right. The black jellybeans are here.

1 comment:

Lizard Eater said...

Black jelly bean power! My father and I were the only ones in my family that liked the black ones ... we'd always leave them til last, knowing they were "safe."

I understand the worry. I am envisioning Godcella being pelted with giant black jelly beans ...