Friday, March 31, 2006

World's Smartest Husband

Those of you who know Jay should send him a congratulatory e-mail. He just took an insanely difficult certification test for work and found out that he PASSED! Woo hoo! He's spent the past month studying and studying and studying and studying, which is not easy with a full-time job and a baby whose cuteness is overwhelmingly distracting. Of course, WCB and I knew he could do it all along.


Karen's sister said...

YEAH! Tests really stink until you pass them, if that makes any sense. And then its like, "Sheeeeh, yeah, I knew I could do it." Congratualtions Jay! We're very proud of you.

John Wagner said...

I don't know Jay, but I think all of his hard work definitely needs to be congratulated! That is terrific! Please tell him for me that he has really done something to be proud of, although it doesn't quite compare to being the father to the WCB.

Rachel said...

Congratulations Jay! Awesome!