Thursday, March 23, 2006

When I promise a dumb post, I deliver

I received a spam comment on one of my earlier posts (I can get a FREE GAME SYSTEM!!), and some readers and I were discussing it in the comments. I have now turned on an option that requires you to enter a word verification before you can post a comment. It's really very easy, so everyone keep commenting! It's supposed to curtail the spam, though.

Anyway, reader and fellow blogger DavidE suggested that we train Garland the cat to take care of the spam issue, which cracked me up, because it reminded me of that commercial in which a married turtle couple explain how much they love their dial-up connection because it's so slow. (Haven't seen the commercial? You can view it here.) Jay and I were just DYING at the part that shows one of the turtles at the computer, his little hand on the mouse. (Wait, do turtles have hands? His paw? His leg? His foot?) At any rate, we found it hilarious.

I believe this is a sign that we need to get out more. There have been many other indications that we are no longer normal. Like the time Jay walked up to me, World's Cutest Baby suspended in midair, and said, "Does she smell poopy to you?" and I went ahead and sniffed her, like that's something any normal person would do. Or how we spent most of WCB's Saturday afternoon nap not doing something productive but instead watching Three Men and a Baby on TBS so we could critique the characters' baby-care techniques. "Did you SEE how Ted Danson changed that diaper?" we said to each other smugly, knowing we could do a much better job.

Well, we probably couldn't have foiled those drug dealers. That was pretty brilliant, they way they hid Steve Guttenberg in that pipe, videotaped everything, and then trapped the guys in the elevator.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions on how we can rejoin mainstream society, let me know.

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