Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Two weeks' notice

The countdown begins: I have my Big Bad Blood Test with Dr. Great and Powerful Oz two weeks from today. Argh. After a lovely three-month hiatus from doctor visits, I hate the idea of going back to being poked and prodded, back to sitting in depressing waiting rooms and reading about the adventures of TomKat in month-old issues of People, back to worrying about potentially scary test results.

Not to mention the fact that they could drag out the giant urine jug again. Oh, lordy, no!

But I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm sure Dr. GPO will discover that Godcella is still hibernating, all curled up in some flannel pajamas and a silky sleep mask, just snoring away. Nothing to fear, nothing to fear.

And if Godcella has suddenly decided to start stomping around and breathing fire on my bone marrow? Well, then, we'll just go in and get him. We'll take him out. He won't stand a chance. Watch out, Godcella. I am Inigo Montoya, and you are the six-fingered man.

Hello, my name is Karen. You killed my bone marrow. Prepare to die.

Nothing to fear, nothing to fear.


DavidE said...

My next test is Monday. What I don't know is will the numbers rise or will they fall??

What I do know is, I can't change a thing, they are what they are they are and I will deal with the results.

Keep the faith!

Karen's sister said...

Hey, I just watched a really interesting show on PBS called "The New Medicine." It was all about using meditation, guided imagery, yoga, relaxation techniques, etc., in conjunction with traditional medical treatments, to help people better deal with their various conditions. Anyhoo, I thought you might find it interesting, and it inspired me to start relaxing more. It didn't give any hints about how to go about relaxing, but it was kind of neat to see how it helped people. There is more information on

Karen said...

So maybe I have a good excuse to go get massages all the time?? :)