Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This kid is going to shave his head, people!

A few days ago, I received this e-mail from my friend Shannon:

I recently received a request from my nephew, Travis, to ask all my friends to contribute to a cause that he is involved in at his school, St. Pius X . Through St. Baldrick's and St. Pius, Travis is working to raise money for childhood cancer research by shaving his head on St. Patrick's Day.

I figured that if my 13-year-old nephew was willing to shave his head (can you imagine having a bald head in junior high?!?), the least I could do was ask my friends for donations on his behalf.

I have already made a donation on the St. Baldrick's web site and it took less than 5 minutes. I know that Travis would appreciate any donations you make under his name.

I made a small donation today, and she's right: It takes less than five minutes. You can give any amount you want, no matter how small. This is a really cool cause, everybody. Participants collect donations and then celebrate reaching their fundraising goals by shaving their heads on St. Patrick's Day. All of the money goes to support children's cancer research. The foundation has raised over $12 million so far.

If you want to support Travis, go to, click on "Find a Participant", and then type in "Travis Collard." He attends St. Pius X in Louisville, KY. Travis' goal is just $100, and the last time I visited the site, he was already up to $70. Frankly, I think he deserves a lot more money than $100. Like Shannon said, can you imagine having a bald head in junior high? I can't, even though back when I was in junior high the popular styles were ratted bangs, perms, and mullets, so we probably would have been much more attractive had we all shaved our heads. You couldn't have told us that back then, though.

And I'm sure we all remember that episode of The Cosby Show where Theo shaved his head because he thought Cockroach was going to do it, too, and then Cockroach wimped out and Theo was humiliated. A nightmare, people! A nightmare!

In all seriousness, the web site also has a section about kids with cancer, and the first name I clicked on randomly was a teeny, bald, two-year-old girl who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just a little bit older than my daughter. Having cancer is sucky enough as an adult; I can't imagine what it is like for these kids.

Send money. Send like the wind. I hope to give you an update on the head-shaving later on.


John Wagner said...

Done, not much, but glad to help.

Karen said...

Thanks, John!! That's great!

Travis Collard (The shavee) said...

Hey i Did Not know that you where doing a web report on my shaving thanks and y hair is grown back but not All the way. thanks for doing this and I happen to raise a little bit more for the project. Thanks for the donations.