Friday, March 17, 2006

St. Baldrick's Day!

I'm hoping that my friend Shannon will send me an update on how her nephew's head-shaving went today. Once she does, I will be sure to post it and let all of you know. I am happy to report that the last time I checked, Travis had raised $175, which is $75 over his goal! Woo hoo!!

I wanted to say thanks to my blog readers who contributed to the St. Baldrick's event, which will help fund children's cancer research. I see several of your names on the donor list. You guys are awesome!

Did you miss out on the fun? Never fear! It looks like you can still donate if you want to!

And just when you thought I was done hitting you up for money ... only two weeks left to buy a ticket in the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation's Raffle for Research. You could win a plasma-screen TV, a diamond necklace, or an MP3 player AND help cure my disease. It doesn't get much better than that. Follow the link to find out how you can get a ticket.

OK. I'm done asking for money. For today.

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