Thursday, March 02, 2006

On the next Contested Development ...

And now the story of a cute baby who wouldn't crawl and the mom who had no choice but to call a state-run program for a developmental evaluation. It's Contested Development. (Dun, dun, dundun)

The Crawling Lady called me back this afternoon. She asked a lot of questions about what World's Cutest Baby can do (sit up, pick up toys, push up on her arms, etc.), and then said there is nothing to worry about. (See?? I told you! And you all thought she'd be living in a van down by the river!) She told me that for babies to even qualify for the "First Steps" program, they have to have at least a 50-percent delay in both fine and gross motor skills. This means that WCB would have to be acting like a four-and-a-half-month-old right now, and she's not. She can stand next to the coffee table, clap her hands, and pick up a Cheerio with the best of them. Well, not all at once. That would be cool, though.

What about 30-year-olds who act like 15-year-olds? Do you think they could get in?

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Rachel said...

30-year olds that act like 15-year olds? Their program would be overwhelmed in a few short days. Then all the babies would be missing out. Sad. Plus, you'd have to get the 30-year olds to admit that they act like 15-year olds. (Playing video games almost every night is perfectly normal. Really, it is!)