Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thank you, anonymous Banana Man savior

World’s Cutest Baby has a beloved toy we call Banana Man. It’s basically a life-sized, “stuffed animal” version of a banana, only it has a tiny head, teeny little eyes, and a mouth. It also appears to be wearing a stocking cap. Who created this? I don’t know, but I’m willing to bet that hallucinogenic drugs were involved in some part of the creative process.

Technically, I think it looks more like a Banana Woman, but Banana Man is just catchier. If you wanted to be completely accurate, you could call it, “Banana Gender-Neutral Being”, but that’s even less catchy.

While mall walking with WCB the other day, I looked into the stroller to discover that Banana Man had disappeared and was God-knows-where, probably alone and frightened, fending for himself. I never realized how attached I’d become to him/her during our short time together. I tried not to panic; I tried not to blame WCB for flinging Banana Man to the floor; I tried not to blame myself for not keeping a closer watch on my child’s artificial fruit.

Just when I was imagining how our lives would be forever changed by the absence of Banana Man, I found him: Someone had picked him up off of the floor and set him atop a mall signpost. We had a joyful reunion: WCB celebrated by trying to eat him/her.

When my husband got home from work, I met him at the door. “We almost LOST Banana Man at the mall today,” I said. He gasped in horror.

Banana Man is home now, resting comfortably.


karow said...

Hi - just came across your blog using the dreaded "next" button in the blogger header. What a pleasant surprise. You probably have people tell you all the time that they admire you (for one reason or another - some probably pretty obvious), so let me be redundant and say that I admire you.

I've really enjoyed reading your blog - you're a great writer. :-)

amanda said...


Your writing is hilarious. My husband and I went through a bone marrow transplant last fall for treatment of his leukemia. I especially love your "rename the cell" idea--will try to think up an idea. I'm gonna link you on my site--I hope that this is OK.


DavidE said...

K - very funny, as always!