Thursday, February 16, 2006

Memories of an underwear inventor

Another entry! Jennifer B writes:

Your cell should be named focell in hopes that you only find crusty, old remnants of it.

Plus, I live really close to Kansas, where fossils are only a "theory"!

It was great to hear from Jennifer B. She grew up just down the street from me. We used to walk together to Bloomer Elementary School, which was actually named for the husband of the woman who invented the big, poofy, turn-of-the-century underwear. I've always felt that the school should have been named after the wife; after all, what is the husband remembered for these days? Being married to the underwear inventor, that's what.

I haven't thought about that in years.

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Karen's sister said...

As your pretentious history geek of a sister, I just have to add that Amelia Bloomer did much more than just invent underwear. She actually came up with an entirely new mode of dress for women that looked something like a knee-length, belted tunic (with puff sleeves nonetheless), over a pair of baggy pants. She thought this was a decent and modest, yet more safe and comfortable style than the popular long dresses of the day. After all, if you live in a world where all of the streets are made of dirt, with spinning wagon wheels and piles of horse manure everywhere, "Gone With the Wind" style dresses (complete with brain-altering corsets) aren't exactly safe or sanitary. Needless to say, none of Amelia's fashion designs made it to the Paris runways. But she was a hardcore feminist who thought women should do wacky things, like vote. So I think its cool that we went to a school named after her husband. After all, he had to be a good man to tolerate her "radical" ways.

And one more question: Do the names for the cells need to be puns?