Sunday, February 26, 2006

Contested Development

On Friday, I took World's Cutest Baby to the doctor for her nine-month checkup. Everything looks great, but the doctor freaked out when I told her WCB isn't crawling yet. She gave me the phone number of a state-run program called "First Steps" and wants WCB evaluated for a developmental delay.

What? Apparently Doctor Freakout didn't get the memo that WCB is perfect in every way.

So I called the program, and the woman I spoke to said she didn't think WCB would qualify (See??), but they're going to send someone to look at her anyway. (It's free, and they come out to the house). Now we just have to wait for the Crawling Lady to call us and set up an appointment.

About 99.9 percent of me feels that there's nothing wrong with her; the other .1 percent has visions of her calling me from Harvard in 18 years, sobbing because her Brit Lit final is the next day and she can't crawl across her dorm room to reach her copy of "Beowulf".

And an even smaller part of me says, "Harvard? She's going to be living in a VAN down by the RIVER."

So we wait for the Crawling Lady.

In other news, on Friday it was close to 70 degrees! In February! In Missouri! I, however, had to spend a good chunk of the afternoon indoors, calling back and forth between my insurance company and the Mayo Clinic. Mayo said nobody has paid them; the insurance company said they totally have. I swear, there is some giant vortex in the center of the universe and all of my insurance payments are being sucked into it.

It was also interesting to call my insurance company, because they operate almost entirely on a voice-activated automated system. ("If you're calling about a medical claim, say, 'One.'") Every time WCB would make one of her infamous "I'm a Happy Girl!" shrieks in the background, it would completely confuse the computer and send me spinning off into some random part of the system. I'm not sure what she told them. I think their records show my name is Mother Shabubu now.

But I got everything straightened out (I think!), and WCB and I were able to go for a long walk through the neighborhood. Ah. Life is good.


John Wagner said...

My oldest daughter didn't learn to crawl at first either. She just skipped that babyish stuff and went right to the walking bit at around a year. Now she did seem a bit clumbsy but hey, she was perfect too. When she finally did learn to crawl, it was when our second daughter started crawling and she got down with her and did her bonding thing (they are only sixteen months apart). Bonding went to rivalry a few years later, but that is another story. We did notice her coordination did get better after she perfected the crawling bit. She is now a CPA, and she got her MBA along with her BA in four and a half years. She had a GPA of 3.8 with the BA part, so I guess the slow crawling episode didn't hurt her at all, unless I can blame her poor first choice of a husband on that. Naw. Don't freak out about it. I am sure she is fine. I also had a younger brother that never started talking until he was almost four. Hey, he had his other brothers to do his talking for him. Once he started though, he never shut up! He is a research scientist now. So you just never know.

A mom said...

I was my parents' first baby. I never crawled, just progressed to walking at about one year of age.

From the perspective of many years: it didn't matter!