Monday, February 13, 2006

The Cell-a-bration continues!

We have even more additions to the Name That Cell Contest. Here are a few great ideas from my Aunt Margie:

A name for your cell is tricky. It could be an imbecell or unwanted cellulite, but I want it to be cell-a-butt so it doesn't reproduce. But in the words of the famous song by Three Dog Night, "Cell abate, cell abate, dance to the music!"

... and another entry from Mike P. (In case you've forgotten, he was the force behind "Godcella"):

"O-Cella been Hidin'": Lurks in dark places, terrorizes innocent people, and is just waiting to be destroyed.

Yes! A terrorist cell!

Finally, we have an entry from an anonymous poster:

"Peek-a-boo I see you" cell: You never know where the damn things are hiding.

You know, that's true! Just last night, I thought I spotted a couple of plasma cells lurking in the bushes outside my house, but I wasn't quite sure.


John Wagner said...

How about the Cellibacytes? Then they can't, or shouldn't, reproduce.

From a lymphomaniac with too many lymphocytes. And I am back on steroids for 2nd round of chemo -- can't you tell? HA!

Jennifer B said...

Your cell should be named focell in hopes that you only find crusty, old remnants of it.
Hey! Hope you are doing well! It's Jennifer B from your neighborhood growing up!

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DavidE said...

How about "spore no more" or