Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Caseworker, smaseworker

When I was first diagnosed, one of my doctor's offices contacted my insurance company and told them I was teetering on the verge of a bone-marrow transplant. (I'm not. Perhaps one day I will be, but that day is not today.) The insurance company then assigned me to a transplant caseworker who now calls every few weeks to verify that I am not dying or possibly trying to transplant my own bone marrow on the sly.

CASEWORKER: How are you doing?
ME: Oh, just great! I'm certainly not trying to transplant my own bone marrow! Ha HA!
CASEWORKER: That's good to know and ... wait, do I hear screaming?
ME: I can never figure out how to get the donor to hold still ... I mean, that's the TV. Gotta go.

Shortly after I got off the phone today, I received a letter from the doctor's office -- the same doctor's office that arranged for the insurance company caseworker to torment me -- telling me that they don't believe I'm actually covered by this insurance company. (I totally am.)



DavidE said...

I go a similar letter except mine was saying I WAS covered. This arrived about a week after I was supposed to start Chemo. This now goes down as "Reason #212" that I'm glad chemo has been delayed!

Karen's Sister said...

You have to wonder how much healthier we would be if it weren't for all the stress inflicted by insurance companies. Its amazing to me that we keep getting bills for strange little procedures done to our baby nearly five months after her birth. We keep getting these little things, like, "Dr.So-and-so" did a check up on September 24 at 4:01am.
What is wrong with these people??