Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hello my baby! Hello my honey!

Today I took World's Cutest Baby to get her picture taken. Before we left the house, she was smiling and laughing at anything remotely hilarious, such as the fact that the cat was walking by. Once inside the photo studio, however, she became Dark, Brooding, Pensive Baby who clearly felt that life was one big pit of despair and nothing would ever seem funny again.

The highlight came when the photographer put her in a backdrop filled with fake rose petals, and she proceeded to eat the rose petals -- in a dark, brooding, pensive manner, of course.

Five minutes after we left the studio, she was laughing with glee at a display in a Hallmark store.

Remember that old Warner Brothers cartoon where the singing frog performs fabulously for one man but croaks pitifully when anyone else is around? It was exactly like that. If I remember correctly, the frog's owner ends up in a mental institution at the end of the cartoon.

Of course, I still purchased the photos. Dark and brooding or not, she is still the World's Cutest Baby.

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