Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happily ever after

If you have not been following along with the comments, I should let you know that we have two new excellent (or should I say ex-CELL-ent?) entries in our cell-naming contest. Jenny, my sister, writes:

Why give all of these cells a bad rap? Why not help along their self-esteem and encourage them to behave? Therefore, I vote for Cindercella, with the hope that one day your cells transform into beautiful princess cells that dance divinely, blush modestly, and live happily ever after (with hottie prince charming cells, nonetheless).

Plus, the cells could drive around in giant pumpkins! Think how cool that would look on the biopsy!

This next one comes from my mom:

OK, Mike. I can't top you (sigh!), but as long as we're on movie themes, I suggest Badcell Wrathbone - a rather evil-sounding name, but optimistic in that it gives hope for detecting a cure, especially if you find a hematologist named Dr. Watson.

Keep them coming, folks! Keep them coming!

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