Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Great Oz has spoken ... to me on the phone

I'm feeling much better about Dr. Great and Powerful Oz. He called me this morning to say he agrees with the Mayo Clinic plan, and he wants to see me in mid-April for my next blood test. I don't have to go in in February after all, and I can go to the nearby office instead of dragging myself all the way downtown. Woo hoo!

No doctor visits for almost three months. I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm sure World's Cutest Baby will come up with something to keep me occupied. She usually does.

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crisiswhatcrisis said...

Duh, and there was me, moaning about being ill all the time. I followed your ref from my tracker and found you, and am proud to be the first to comment on your blog. No more moaning from me. I am not worthy!

I am astonished and humbled by your bravery. I will check back regularly to see how you are doing. Best of luck.

By the way, I am also astonished by the consistently high standard of writing on blogs, and you are no exception. Well done and carry on.