Friday, January 27, 2006

Got cancer?

Here's a cancer t-shirt web site that's even better. I came across it after David E. was kind enough to leave his comment about his CCKMA t-shirt -- that's "Cancer Can Kiss My ..." well, you know. This is a family-friendly blog. (But thanks, Dave! I know you will wear the shirt proudly!)

Here's the site:

My favorites are "Cures rule, cancers drool" and "My oncologist is better than your oncologist".

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Jodi Horner said...

I am a 41 year old female diagnosed in Oct. 2005 with MGUS of the IGg strain. My M-spike was 1.3 and my plasma cells were 17%. My total protein was within normal range and because my monoclonal proteins were less than the 3.5 g/deciliter I never had a bone marrow biopsy. Bone scan was negative for lesions but I was mildly anemic - hence => MGUS. I wanted to share with you that I self prescribed vitamin therapy shortly after I was diagnosed in an effort to prevent progression. It worked! My spike has gone from 1.3 to .7 (nearly half of that!) and my anemia is gone! My plasma count is down as well. I read several homeopathic books, but the one that I now use as my bible is "Fantastic Voyage" by Ray Kurtswell and Terry Grossman. Buying supplements and taking them religiously can be daunting, but I'm a believer! My sister in-law is in the process of curing her autistic son with similar therapies.
I'm not sure where you are in your treatment process, or your disease progression (having only read your initial entry), but I wanted to share with you my experience should you be interested.